Saturday, September 26, 2015

Kindergarten Apples

September 25th was Johnny Appleseed day. Since we were practicing cutting and gluing in kindergarten, I decided to change the lesson for my class that day to incorporate what they had been studying in class.
We drew an apple together. I gave them a red piece of paper, and white, black, and red crayons. We looked at a picture of an apple while we drew. We started with a big circle. Then we added a “smile” where the stem goes. After that, we looked at highlights and shadows, something I didn’t think kindergarten could understand, but Mrs. Creasy at Wish Upon a Paintbrush inspired me with her fantastickindergarten apples that you can find here.

After adding highlights and shadows, we used a red crayon to add lines that gave the apple some more depth. 

Then we cut a brown stem and a green leaf from paper scraps.
Once it was all cut, we glued our apples to green paper and decorated the backgrounds.

I loved how these came out and I hope the parents love having them to decorate for the season. ^_^

Saturday, September 19, 2015

This Week In Art 4

The benefits of having your own porch, right?

This week in art we began our Greek Art unit! This kids are very excited about this one, they recognize so many of the artworks and buildings we've been looking at. 

1st grade is creating a Greek vase using scratch art. This week we used oil pastels to color the base of our scratch art paper using either red, orange, or black pastels.

2nd grade is making a Parthenon collage using marbled paper. This week we used shaving cream to create a sheet of marbled paper that we can cut into our Parthenon shapes.

3rd grade is creating Greek mosaics using paper scraps.

4th grade is making paper mache Greek vases. This week we watched videos on paper mache and sketched out what we wanted our vases to look like. It was important to make notes about what each feature would be made out of so that we could get right to work next week!

5th grade is creating Greek theater masks. We looked at Greek theater buildings and many mask examples. I wish I could find a good Greek theater performance video for them, but I can't find anything! Recommendations? We sketched out our ideas so that we can get started right away next week!

Whirled Peace

Since we are on a 6-day rotation for some classes and a 5-day rotation for others, I need some filler projects for some classes while the others finish up to avoid getting a huge spread between my grades. Those who finished early with their Prehistoric Art projects either created something for World (Whirled) Peace Day or for Dot Day. 3rd-5th Graders created pinwheels for the Pinwheels for Peace project. I was very impressed with how responsible they were with the stick pins. So happy no one got hurt...except me. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dot Day 2015

My second graders finished their Prehistoric Art projects early, so they created a painting for Dot Day while other classes finished up. We started by watching The Dot on YouTube because I think it is more effective than me reading to them. Plus there's no "MRS. MOORE I CAN'T SEE THE PICTURESSSSSSS" from anyone. 

Then we drew a large circle by tracing a coffee can lid (thanks to all my generous parents for your coffee can donations!).

After we had a dot, the kids could choose to color the inside or the outside, but not both. We used tempera paint and q-tips to make our dots. 

ALSO I want to share how awesome this find is. Dollar Tree has cupcake holders. They are red and have 9 cupcake spots. They also come with a top for if you actually want to transport cupcakes, but they are perfect paint holders if you use portion cups for paint. They're plastic so they will be really easy to clean up if they get too dirty. I bought one for each table and I love them. :)

The hall space was all taken by our Prehistoric Art show, so these never went on display. :( Next year, we'll make it a school-wide event. ^_^

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Grandparent's Day Portrait Booth

During Grandparent's Day this past week, I set up a Portrait Booth for the kids to draw their grandparents and take as a keepsake. The things they made were super cute and the grandparents loved it. ^_^ I had markers for shirts and details and multicultural crayons for skin tones and hair. I think I'll definitely do something similar next year. :)

Aboriginal Dot Paintings

I wanted to have a diverse set of projects for our Prehistoric Art unit, not all cave paintings. Luckily, I had this wonderful lesson from my first year of teaching about Aboriginal Dot Painting. You can find the post with all of the details and lesson plan here. 

Here are some beautiful works by our 5th grade students. ^_^

Jasper Johns Flags

This past Friday was Grandparent's Day as well as Patriot Day at GES. Our wonderful choir preformed a few patriotic songs and our art classes created flag artworks to decorate the gym. Our flags were based on Jasper Johns. I used the PowerPoint made by Ms. Brown Art that you can find here.  We found patriotic words in magazines to create a background collage. They were also encouraged to use a variety of handwritten words for a unique look. We used tissue paper to add the flag design on top. Beautiful work and something we can use for future events too. :)