Sunday, September 6, 2015

Mouse Paint for Kindergarten

We practiced color mixing in Kindergarten this week. We watched the video on YouTube (you know how I feel about reading stories) and then drew three mice. I told them to draw an "oval with a pointy end" like a teardrop on its side. Then we added 4 legs, an eye, a nose, a tail, and two ears. They followed along pretty well and their mice turned out really cute. ^_^

Then we used tempera cakes to paint our mice. We painted each one in a primary color, then mixed the secondary colors as dots around the mice. It was really hard to get them to RINSE their brushes between colors. But that's why we use tempera cakes. Easy to clean, no need to stress. Plus, I think they learn more from their table mates being upset about dirty colors than me telling them, so they'll get it eventually.