Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Drawing FUNdamentals

Summer Camp at the Frist is over now. :( While I am happy to have my summer back, it was a lot of fun and a wonderful experience that I will miss. I taught 2 weeks of two different camps for a total of 4 weeks. One was Drawing FUNdamentals for 8-10 year olds. We focused on technical drawing skills such as proportions, perspective, figure drawing, and creating depth. Here are some pictures from both camps.

We discussed facial proportions to create these self-portraits.

After discussing how a face should look, we explored paper-crafting techniques to created abstract portraits. Did you see the Ironman face? ^_^

We created 3D shapes using shading techniques with oil pastels.

Using 1-point perspective, we created name zentagle designs.

This project used angles and diagonal lines to show cityscapes from a new perspective.

In these, we used vertical lines to show the depth of canyon desert landscapes.

We moved from the desert to the ocean using overlapping and paper-craft to create ocean scenes.

We experimented with value changes in our sketchbooks before using those skills to create bamboo paintings that show atmospheric perspective.

And one of my favorite projects...we used gesture and contour drawing techniques to draw a mannequin in either warm or cool colors with the opposite in the background.