Wednesday, July 25, 2018

New Year, New Look!

This year we are bringing more positivity into GES! We have been working hard all summer to spread positive messages throughout the school, and here is one part of that: bathroom stalls.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped out and everyone who volunteered but didn't get a chance because we finished too soon. ^_^

Friday, April 27, 2018

Lizards in the Jungle

These paper sculpture lizards were a favorite for 3rd grade. I feel like 3rd grade is getting all of the awesome projects this year? Good for them. ^_^

We looked at many of Henri Rousseau's jungle artworks and discussed what kind of animals live in the jungle. Then we viewed many images of different lizards. I created an outline for them printed on green construction paper to get them started. This saved us some time on drawing so that we could focus on the paper sculpture part of the project. If you want them to draw the lizards themselves, Art for Kids Hub has a fantastic lizard drawing video they could follow here. 

After we cut them out, we folded them down the center to make them pop up. We created a paper leaf, added some oil pastel details, and attached the lizard. 

Some kids asked if we were going to put googly eyes on them, so I made sure we had plenty to add. :D

Monday, April 2, 2018

In the Art room: Jungle

Here are some pictures from our Jungle room transformation for our study of Henri Rousseau.

Streamers across the room with paper leaves stapled on. Our plants that have been growing in the windows all year came over to the tables. 

Beret and French flag our for his home country.

More streamers for vines, paper flowers, and a video of jungle images and sounds that you can find here. 

Posters of Rousseau's work, giant snake from the library. 

A cut-up Dollar Tree table cloth for the door and windows. The librarians already had 3 giant trees that they let me borrow (thanks). Love doing these room transformations. ^_^

Friday, March 30, 2018

Faith Ringgold Mural

1st grade viewed the quilt artworks of Faith Ringgold. We reviewed symmetry and introduced radial symmetry. Then we worked together to create radial designs that would become quilt squares. 

I used their squares as the edge of a giant quilt mural, basically a giant version of 2nd grade's Ringgold cityscape collages. 

The quote is the last line of Ringgold's stroy, "Tar Beach". This mural took me the longest to make so far this year, but definitely worth it! ^_^

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Highwaymen

5th grade learned about the Highwaymen, a group of artists in Florida during the 1950s who sold their artwork by the highways. Their oil paintings of landscapes are very popular now and can be found all over the country. I learned about the highwaymen during Art Scouts last summer from amazing art teacher Jennifer Alvarado and I was excited to share their art with my students.

Original work by Highwaymen artist.

We started by viewing their works and identifying foreground, middle ground, and background. Then we sketched out our landscapes.

We added color with chalk pastels, working in "cloudy" shapes, then blending with liquid starch. I love this beautiful, painterly look they got! Gorgeous!

Look at that depth! 

Friday, February 23, 2018

Tar Beach Collage

2nd grade viewed Tar Beach by Faith Ringgold. We drew and painted a cityscape inspired by the city skylines in her work. Then we attached the painting to a larger paper. After that, we added squares of fabric and patterned papers. They are awesome!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Complementary Kusama Collages

This easy 2nd grade project was a great refresher in color theory while learning about the unique works of Yayoi Kusama. We started by drawing a pumpkin on a colored piece of paper. Then we added dots to match Kusama's style.

Next we cut out the pumpkin and glued it to a complementary paper. We finished them off with geometric designs in the background. Easy, fun and cute!