Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Totem Poles

2nd grade helped me use my surplus of cardboard rolls with this totem pole project. We have a large totem pole in class for inspiration and we looked at totem poles from the Tlingit people.

Using features found on many Tlingit totem poles, we created collages on index cards. Then we used colored pencils to fill in the white space.

Navajo Rug Collages

5th grade mastered symmetry in these Navajo Rug collages. We used natural colored papers and a variety of scissors to create Navajo-inspired collages. If they finished early, they were able to add string and use crayons to add symbols and details. As long as they stayed on "theme", they could do whatever designs they like. 

Animal Hide Drawings

Is that gross or cool? I thought cool. And of course I forgot to show them this picture of me with an animal hide painting from my trip to Chicago this summer, so you get to see it now.

How awesome is this? These things are huge!
1st grade carefully tore paper into the "animal hide" shape and used oil pastels to create images. We used Anasazi symbols to tell a story. Then we used hole punchers and yarn to add borders. Their tiny 1st grade hands really got a fine-motors work out with this one! But they were troopers and pushed through to create these!

Aztec Suns

2nd grade experimented with clay to create Aztec-style suns in our Mexican Art unit. We pinched the sides to create the "rays" and used basic shapes and the "slip and score" method to add facial features. Then we used warm colors to brighten them up.

Calaveras Masks

5th grade amazed us with their paper mache Calaveras masks for our Mexican Art study. I loved hearing stories and facts from our Mexican students and celebrating their culture while educating their classmates. :)

We used plastic mask forms, newspaper, glue, and water. I always just mix regular white glue and water instead of using paper mache mix and I've found it works pretty well. Once they dried we painted our masks with Calaveras designs. Gorgeous results! Way to go 5th grade!

Kimono Collage

FINALLY getting around to posting about 3rd grade's fantastic Kimono collages from our Japanese Art unit.

The kimonos are made from coffee filters. We colored them with markers then sprayed them with water to create a "tie-dye" effect. Then we used a template on various skin-toned papers to create our people and dressed them up!  We also added scraps of ribbon and cloth for an extra dimension. Love how unique these are. ^_^

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Navajo Weaving

4th grade experimented with weaving in our Native American art unit while looking at the artworks of the Navajo people. These kids got to experiment with circle weaving last year with our Van Gogh Sunflowers and this one was actually a little easier. 

After we added string, we colored the rest with Sharpie markers. Some students chose to stick to natural colors to emulate real Navajo weaving, but others couldn't stay away from bright colors. Either way, they are great!