Friday, December 14, 2012

Aboriginal Art-2nd Grade

 This is the art part of that Dreamtime lesson we started a few weeks ago.We developed this lesson in college for one of our classes. When we did it then, we focused on pop culture as our subject. For this culture study in 2nd grade, we focused on the native animals of Australia. Students traced a cut-out of either a koala, a kangaroo, or a platypus (drawing wasn't the main thing here, so copying was okay). Then we used paint to build a black & white pattern around our animal. After that dried, we talked about complementary colors and added our dots. Some kids went dot-crazy, but others paid attention to what they were doing and made some wonderful paintings. The PPT for this lesson includes a video and some questions for after the lesson as well. The great thing about this lesson is that it lends itself to being naturally pretty. Even if a student messes up or completely misses the point, there is still something interesting to look at. (The 5th graders loved seeing these in the hall, it's so nice for them to be impressed by the little kids!)

Here are the resources I made for the lesson.