Saturday, September 19, 2015

This Week In Art 4

The benefits of having your own porch, right?

This week in art we began our Greek Art unit! This kids are very excited about this one, they recognize so many of the artworks and buildings we've been looking at. 

1st grade is creating a Greek vase using scratch art. This week we used oil pastels to color the base of our scratch art paper using either red, orange, or black pastels.

2nd grade is making a Parthenon collage using marbled paper. This week we used shaving cream to create a sheet of marbled paper that we can cut into our Parthenon shapes.

3rd grade is creating Greek mosaics using paper scraps.

4th grade is making paper mache Greek vases. This week we watched videos on paper mache and sketched out what we wanted our vases to look like. It was important to make notes about what each feature would be made out of so that we could get right to work next week!

5th grade is creating Greek theater masks. We looked at Greek theater buildings and many mask examples. I wish I could find a good Greek theater performance video for them, but I can't find anything! Recommendations? We sketched out our ideas so that we can get started right away next week!