Thursday, October 6, 2016

Japanese Tea Cups

After looking at some beautiful Japanese tea cups and discussing how they differ from our tea cups and coffee mugs (no handles, cylindrical, thin) 5th grade created their own cups from clay. They did a wonderful job forming their tea cups and making them nice and smooth.

Once the clay dried, we used paint to add color and details. They were encouraged to use designs from examples of Japanese artworks (cherry blossoms, koi fish, kanji, etc.). So pleased with the results! Some day we will have a kiln and will be able to make real ceramic projects that we can drink out of. So if you are a parent visiting our page, please note that this is air dry clay and is NOT food safe. As I have informed the children, if you try to drink from these, you will get a mouth full of mud and paint. It is not advisable. :D