Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Online Lessons

I've started to add my lesson plans, PowerPoint Presentations, and Rubrics/Checklists to each post about student work. You can click on the Online Lessons link to the right to get a full list of posts with these links. I make up all of my own lessons (originally, but I always find that someone else has done the same thing online!) and I want to share. I always include Core Curriculum standards and Know, Understand, Do guides. Feel free to follow those links and take whatever you need. Let me know how they work out for you, and look for the Online Lessons logo (above) for more resources to come!

Monday, November 5, 2012


moving from Primary colors to Secondary, last week 1st grade made some leaf collages (I need to stop making 1st do collages!).
We talked about symmetry and overlapping to go with secondary colors. The previous week, we made our color wheels, so we had already talked about how secondary colors are made.
putting it all together, I think we got some very nice leaf collages.

Here are the links to this lesson online, use what you need!
Lesson Plan
Self-assessment Checklist


Finally getting this post done! We made these about...a month ago? I am bad. In first grade, we are working our way through the elements and principles. Color is a big unit because there is so much to talk about (primary, secondary, complementary, warm & cool...)
For this project, we read The Dot  and talked about how colors are made. I introduced primary colors and how those are made from minerals, plants and, sometimes, bugs (kids loved that). This was right after our Klee's Castles collages, so I reminded them of how hard it was to cut out the circles for their suns. Then we practiced cutting 3 different circles and glued them together. Afterwards, they were all glued to a big white paper as a class display.
I love these! And if the 1st grade teachers don't want to keep them, I certainly will. :)

This lesson is available online, use what you want!