Friday, December 21, 2012

Lichtenstein Portraits

3rd, 4th, & 5th grade made portraits in the style of Roy Lichtenstein. It was very interesting to teach the same lesson to three different grades and to see how each of them comprehended the same information. 5th grade's were the best; they seemed to have the patience and skills to complete the project correctly. 4th grade had the most creative captions on their pictures, and my poor 3rd graders were at the bottom. Not because I don't think they have the skills to do it, but I think it's because they've never done any kind of art that makes them think as much and use mathematical and scientific skills to create art. It was completely foreign to them and the didn't get that they had to really listen and concentrate to get it right. Nevertheless, every grade produced interesting works that they were proud of.
The project requirements: Students had to use the rules of proportion (eyes in the middle of the face, mouth half way between the chin and nose, etc.)
The had to only use red, yellow and blue (we talked about primary colors and classic comic book style, relating it to Ironman, Superman, etc. who were primary colors).
They had to use comic style dots on the face (We looked at some close-ups of Liechtenstein's works to see dots).
And if they had time, they added a speech bubble (like in Lichtenstein's Drowning Girl, we talked about how art can tell stories).

she broke the rules by using purple, but it still looks very nice!

Melted Snowmen

since our last week was so short, we just did some fun holiday crafts. most classes made snowflakes, but the 1st graders made snowmen. I gave them a collection of paper squares and their job was to create a snowman. I gave them no instruction and they made some beautiful things!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

Water colors DIY

 i tried that Pinterest idea for DIY watercolors, and it turned out pretty great! If you have dry markers, just soak them in water upside down for a while and ta-da! you can use the same markers for about 3 cups of paint. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Winter Board

This display was put up quickly. I wanted to have something displayed for our parent night, but I didn't have any projects I hadn't given back. So here is a quickly done bulletin board. It's "snow" secret...Eakin students are artists!.  Favorite part? Adventure time penguins.

Aboriginal Art-2nd Grade

 This is the art part of that Dreamtime lesson we started a few weeks ago.We developed this lesson in college for one of our classes. When we did it then, we focused on pop culture as our subject. For this culture study in 2nd grade, we focused on the native animals of Australia. Students traced a cut-out of either a koala, a kangaroo, or a platypus (drawing wasn't the main thing here, so copying was okay). Then we used paint to build a black & white pattern around our animal. After that dried, we talked about complementary colors and added our dots. Some kids went dot-crazy, but others paid attention to what they were doing and made some wonderful paintings. The PPT for this lesson includes a video and some questions for after the lesson as well. The great thing about this lesson is that it lends itself to being naturally pretty. Even if a student messes up or completely misses the point, there is still something interesting to look at. (The 5th graders loved seeing these in the hall, it's so nice for them to be impressed by the little kids!)

Here are the resources I made for the lesson.


In 1st grade, we are learning the elements & principles of art. For this lesson, we went from basic things like color, shape & line to something more abstract: value. Sometimes I forget that these kids were kindergartners 9 months ago,and I may expect too much from them. However, for those who can control themselves and follow simple directions, their work turned out great. Other students...had a colorful mess...

We talked about value and did a few guessing/data collecting exercises then started the project. It took about a class time and a half to finish these, so I want to find a book to supplement this at the end. Anyone have a good "value" book?
Here are the resources I made if you want to use them!