Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Walter Hill's Eric Carle Show

a few pictures from our Eric Carle-inspired underwater artworks from Walter Hill.

5th grade Jellyfish

1st grade Seahorses

4th grade Seahorses and some 3rd grade turtles

2nd grade collages

1st grade Seahorses

4th grade Seahorses made from paper plates and tissue paper. These may be my favorite things from the whole year. The layers make them so interesting. :)

2nd grade collages

3rd grade turtles

...and I want to keep this up forever...but the kids want their art back. :(

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Girls in Science

I've been collaborating with our Girls in Science club at Campus School this month. They created a collage of Earth by painting recycled papers and gluing them in the shape of the continents
and oceans. Then they used hand prints to create space. They used die-cut letters to add the message. Their artwork will be revealed on Saturday at the Murfreesboro Earth Day celebration. It will be printed on  All in One Recycling trucks around town. So proud of these girls and the work they've done. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Masks & Weavings

Here are some more pictures of 4th grade's collage African masks. If I do this project again, we will use the year, toothpicks, feathers, and raffia. We will not be using those beads though....even the best gluer could not make them stick!

These are 2nd grade's weavings based on Kente cloth designs. It was so much harder to teach this lesson this year than it was last year! I did this lesson with 2nd grade last year and maybe I had to come and help 2 or 3 students after whole-group instruction for them to get it. I'm not sure what's different about these kids, maybe they doubt themselves too much? This was a struggle for the first 2 weeks, but once they got it they flew through it. :)

Here are the PowerPoints for the 1st-5th African Lessons:
Samburu Necklaces
Kente Cloth
Calabash Bowls
African Savanna
African Masks