Wednesday, July 17, 2013


This week is the Tennessee arts academy program in Nashville. I was lucky enough to have my PTO fund my tuition so I can come and learn lots of fresh new art things for this school year.

We are basically learning a new technique or process each day and then using them to fit our curriculum. 

The first thing we did was a zen tangle project. I have seen them a lot but I never found hem too appealing. Obviously, you can teach textures and patterns etc with this, and it is so fun and relaxing to do. I'm going to have a grade level use the first letter of their name to add patterns to. Hopefully, this will help me with names at the beginning of the year. 

Next we worked on still life options, like drawing, painting, and collaging. I used paint to create a still life with value and complementary colors. 

On Tuesday, we started with foil masks. It's a thick aluminum foil that you draw onto with a dull pencil or stick. I haven't added color to mine yet, but here it is. It's based on Egyptian pharaohs' looks for an Egyptian unit later. I enjoyed working with the fool as a material, but I don't think I would use it for masks. He looks so old and swollen. 

Next, we played with paper sculpting. I made a blue and yellow explosion. All others pictures are examples from Peggy Florres.

And another view of mine. 

The last thing we did in this workshop was a paper mola. I made a kitty!

Now on to clay workshops!

Friday, July 12, 2013


A few major changes this year....I am moving on from Eakin in Shelbyville. It was a great first year experience and I am sad to go. However, I had the chance to move to a job in my town and my community. In the long run, this is better for me.

I am now teaching a split position between Walter Hill Elementary and HP Campus School in Murfreesboro. The past few weeks have been extremely hectic. I didn't plan to do anything to my room over the summer, but instead I've had to make time to decorate 2 new classrooms I haven't had a chance to get into my room at Campus School yet. I had a tiny closet of a room, but the principal had found me a new room on the 3rd floor (yay windows, no basement!) so nothing to report there yet. 

My room at Walter Hill is amazing! It was an old science room and the building used to be a high school, so it is huge! It's room will be black, white and blue. Here are some in-progress pictures.

It's big enough for. Reading nook, so I set up one by the window. I got the pillows from a thrift shop for 99 cents each! 

My desk so far, not organized yet.

A view from my desk. The left wall and bottom cabinets are being painted gray next week to cover the scribbles and the place that used to be a white board. 

HUGE library of art books that were hidden away and never used! I got those out and put the, where the kids can get to them! Someone did a lot if grant work to get these wonderful books. 

My chalkboard so far...

A view of the room without things.

And I made this bulletin board as a welcome for the first few weeks of school. Yes, those are paint samples. although it looks awesome, it is SO much work. I would advise against it unless you just really, really want it. This is a 10 foot board, much bigger than I'm used to using.

New line up procedure; show me a 4-star table.

I think this will get rid of the "can I do this/pick up this/hand out this" questions. Table colors on Velcro circles. 

So that's what I've got so far! Looking forward to a fresh new year! Next week is the Tennessee arts academy thing, going to learn some new art techniques for the kids. After that, I have orientation for this it looks like my summer is over. :(