Monday, October 16, 2017

Tissue Paper Collage

2nd grade practiced patterns in this crayon resist tissue paper collage. We use oil pastels and watercolors to create a background and "vase paper". Then we assembled our vase and added super simple tissue paper flowers. Always fun to make. ^_^

Clay Flower Collage

This is a lesson I learned at the 2016 Art Scouts from the amazing Laura Lohman of Painted Paper. Follow the link for more details of how these were created, she says it best. 1st grade rocked these and we all fell in love with Crayola Model Magic. ^_^

Van Gogh Sunflower Weaving

4th grade looked at Van Gogh's Sunflowers series. We were inspired to use warm colors and weaving techniques to create these gorgeous artworks! Since this is a repeat lesson, all details can be found in this link

One thing I did do differently was create a giant vase to hang them all together. Now if I can just get rid of that bus mural...

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Marbled Paper Starry Night

3rd grade viewed "Starry Night" by Vincent van Gogh. Inspired by the dark, cool colors and his use of swirls, we created a piece of marbled paper to use in our Starry Night collage.

We started by dripping cool colored paints on a tray of shaving cream. Then we used a wooden stick to swirl the colors.

After the colors were swirled, we pressed our paper into the shaving cream. We used the wooden stick to scrap off the extra.

Once our paper was dry again, we used black paper to cut out a silhouette of a city or mountain scene.

Last, we added the stars and moon using q-tips and white and yellow paint. Gorgeous results!

Check out the video on my YouTube channel for a how-to on marbled paper!

Clay Sunflowers

5th grade viewed Vincent van Gogh's Sunflowers series. We were inspired to create our own sunflowers using clay. Using the pinch pot method, we created shallow bowls. Then we added petals around the edges to turn the bowls into sunflowers.

After the bowls were created, we painted them using warm colors to really turn them into sunflowers!

Love how these turned out! 

We are also using Crayola brand air dry clay for the first time this year. It is by far my favorite air dry clay that I have tried. I have tried Blick brand and the air dry clay from Hobby Lobby. This clay is not overly messy, stays moist in the kids' hands, HL clay tends to dry out when we are using it) and the bonds were much stronger. This is the first clay project where I have had zero artworks break from being too brittle. Highly recommend!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Art Classroom Tour!

I am so excited about our new art room this year! I have been planning our new room design since March. 

Everything I'm about to explain here is also in my Classroom Tour video on YouTube which is far more enjoyable, so go check it out! 

I started with some digital sketches. I wanted an "old world" design with a "museum" theme. So like if you took the Louvre and dropped it into ancient Greece then sprinkled in some famous artists and told them to have fun decorating. Here are the preliminary sketches I made with my Sketchbook App.

Here is how the room looked before. Lime green and lots of colors. I typically like lime green, I actually painted my first classroom lime and gray and I loved it. But I wanted something more neutral and professional for this room. I want to make my students realize that they are real artists and they deserve to work in a real art environment. 

So I started by painting the walls. 2 walls are dark charcoal gray, and 2 are "parchment". I used 3 kinds of tannish paint to create the effect and cheesecloth instead of a paintbrush to add texture. 

Wow! That's what 2 classrooms of stuff looks like!
While I was in my temporary room earlier this year, I worked on a large painting for the door. It's a mannequin with a fruit bowl painted on a bed sheet. I added it to the door and my fantastic husband created a "picture frame" on the door from moulding. Now you enter the room through a giant painting. ^_^

On the front wall, we added more moulding (thanks husband) to turn the whole board into a giant painting. The we hung smaller paintings around the board to create a "gallery" reminiscent of old French parlors. 

The front board frame, before the cork board was painted.
AND I have to brag on my thrifting skills. I got all of these frames from a thrift store for less that $20 for the whole set. Some of them already had usable paintings in them, like that awesome giant Monet print. ^_^

On the opposite wall, we have giant windows and above the windows I hung posters of our House Crests I had printed at Staples. With coupon, these were $30 to print. 

My storage in this room is a wall of lockers. Unfortunately, only a couple have closable doors and the rest are open and look like clutter. I cut up black bed sheets and glued them to wooden dowels. I hung the wooden dowels above the lockers on Command hooks to cover them up. Love that plain background. :D 

Above the lockers, I painted a mural of a hand drawing the word "Create". I used a large cardboard tube and plastic cone from a thread spool to make the giant pencil. I painted a poster board with the same paint as the wall so that I could have the thumb overlap the pencil so it looks like it's coming out of the wall.

On the opposite wall, there was a thin cork board above the white board. I turned it into a giant watercolor set! The colors are wooden circles, yes the same ones from that Medieval shield project, painted and hung in rainbow order. And yes, I prefer CYM to RYB, so there is no red here. 

I also made a giant paintbrush from a large LARGE cardboard tube, silver duct tape, and black wigs. Surprisingly effective. 

The rest of the room has still-life items as decor and easels for artworks of the artist we are currently studying. We are starting with Vincent van Gogh, so lots of Van Gogh stuff so far. 

AND I have a stage in my room. I want to encourage students to become teachers, so when they speak about what we are studying, the come to the stage and address the class using eye contact and a "teacher" voice. The stage is made from a palette with plywood on top painted gold. I used leftover fabric from the curtains around the bottom.

A board of the new standards, framed, with large wooden paintbrushes. Conveniently found at a thrift store in my school colors.

I got these plastic Crayola cups from Kroger, perfect for plants!

Our line-up area has paper colored pencils in house colors on the floor. My Fidelis banner on the door, and the Dali clock. I also have a giant ruler clip for "No Name" works.

And that's it! Check out the video on YouTube for more details! Looking forward to an amazing year growing the best artists in the world! ^_^

Friday, September 1, 2017

Kindergarten Lines Painting

We will be learning all about the elements of art this year. We're starting off kindergarten this year with lines. We looked at 8 kinds of lines: wavy, zig-zag, loopy, swirly, bumpy, horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. We drew each line with black oil pastels then painted the paper with watercolors.

Love this group of kindergarteners! So creative and excellent at following directions. Check out our Artsonia page to see more. Also, here is a link to the PPT I've been using for a few years for this lesson and I still really enjoy it. :) 

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Dot Day Mural

Our first project this year was a collaborative mural using coffee filters and washable markers for Dot Day. We viewed The Dot on YouTube, which is a story by Peter H. Reynolds. 

Then we learned about analogous colors. Students colored a coffee filter using analogous washable markers. After we colored the coffee filters, we sprayed them with water. 

We watched this video about diffusion and discussed how our colors demonstrated diffusion. Not crazy about the stereotype at the end of the video, but it does a good job explaining diffusion and it's art-related, so you pick your battles, right? -_-

Students loved using the stage in our room to become the teacher as they reviewed each other on our vocabulary words: analogous and diffusion. 

Then all the dots were hung together as one huge artwork! This week we are using that mural as the first picture we upload to our Artsonia portfolios. So many amazing things happening in the art room this year, we are off to a great start! 

Check out the how-to video below if you want to try this on your own! ^_^

Monday, July 3, 2017

Sew a Softie Month!

July is Sew a Softie Month! Thanks to Coloured Buttons on Instagram for spreading the news. Check out their site here for lots of great sewing projects. You can view my video on how to sew soft sculptures on our YouTube channel here. Happy making, enjoy your summer!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Thematic Unit Template

Just finished choosing all of the projects for this coming year. Our theme is: Famous Artists! We will also be getting a new art room which I intend to decorate as an art museum, check back for more details on that soon! For those who were curious, I am sharing a link to my Thematic Unit Template

Why Use Thematic Units?

I like to use units because it helps me organize my ideas and gives me direction when choosing artworks. It also makes it more comprehensible for the students throughout the year if all of our projects have something in common so that the projects have relevance. 

I've heard some art teachers argue against thematic units, saying that it can be limiting and restricting. I do run in to roadblocks from time to time, but when that happens I find that I come up with more unique ideas for my lessons rather than just pulling from what others have done. While I do use many lessons from other art teachers, I think it's also important to create something on my own as well to help add to the art education community. 

If you're interesting in using my template for your own planning, feel free to follow this link to the GoogleDocs form, download, and edit! When I drag and drop images I find online they automatically snap to the right size. If you have a current version of Microsoft word, it should do that for you as well.

Happy planning, have a great summer break, get ready for an amazing 2017-18 school year!

Click Image to go to Downloadable Version

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Quick Art Projects with Little Supplies: Typography

So you may have noticed the lack of posts lately, here is the story. A day before spring break, I was told that my portable was being demolished and I had to get everything moved out. Great timing, except I was teaching camps all Spring Break and would have no time to do anything! So I packed up everything except the necessities to go into storage. For this last month of school we are in a temporary classroom and we are only using dry materials like markers, crayons, and colored pencils. 

It's been a struggle to keep them engaged without our usual paint and clay etc., but here is one of my favorite projects we've done; Typography. 

We created designs by tracing stencils with either markers or colored pencils. That's about all of the instruction required! Love how unique each design is and the kids are loving stencils. ^_^

Love this black and white typography design!

A scribbled take on the project! :)

Outlines were a great idea!

African Savanna Paintings

During our study of countries in Africa, 5th grade viewed the savanna habitat and the animals that live in it. We created collages of animals and plants on a piece of painted paper. We had a few days that were missed due to snow and other things, so some classes got to cut their animals from paper. For those classes that had to finish theirs extra fast, we used Art For Kids Hub to learn to draw a lion and a giraffe to add to our paintings. Very satisfied with both ways. ^_^

Love the border on this one! This was an extension for early finishers, but I will definitely include it when we do this project again. :)

This student chose to draw in Sharpie instead. Beautiful contrast!

Paint and oil pastels.