Saturday, March 29, 2014

Campus School's Eric Carle Show

March was Reading Across America month, so we celebrated with Eric Carle as the focus for our art projects. We studied various underwater animals and ocean habitats while reading books like Mr. Seahorse and The Foolish Tortoise. Most of our projects made from kitchen supplies like bowls and plates that can easily be done by the kids later if they want to make more.

5th grade used tissue paper to collage a paper bowl to create a jellyfish. Love how different these all are.

4th grade cut seahorses out of paper plates that they painted using different textures. We added tissue paper, sequins, and google eyes. I didn't think I would be a fan of google eyes, but here we are. 

1st grade paper a textured paper for their seahorse collage and a separate piece for their background. More pictures to come, but I love the splattery background on this one. 

I loved 3rd grade's turtles. We painted bowls and scratched in textures and patterns. I was forced to use foam bowls instead of paper because the store (all of them) ran out of my paper bowls. :(
I was worried that the paint would not stick to them, but it actually gave the paint a shiny, metallic quality that was surprising and cute. 

2nd grade painted two pieces of textured paper to create underwater collages. They could choose which animal they wanted to make, but these two are just fish. I will post more pictures of other animals later from Walter Hill. They did a great job constructing the animals using their knowledge of shapes. 


All classes just completed their Egyptian inspired projects. All projects were based on different artifacts found in Egyptian ruins and were embellished with shiny gold.They also used Hieroglyphs to write an Egyptian message on their artworks. There are many versions of Hieroglyphs, but I chose to teach them the one with the easiest images to draw.

Before we began, we played Pharaoh Bingo to learn which symbols stood for which letters. 

First grade created a Cartouche using patterns and gold with a message in the middle. You can find a printout and many helpful resources on this Egyking website.

Second grade learned amount Mummification and designed a sarcophagus with patterns and gold. The handout for the sarcophagus can be found at the Activity Village page to download.

Third grade chose between four designs of Canopic Jars.I drew my own jars and made copies based on this image:

 but you can download and print some jars from this Activity Village page.

Fourth grade practiced Zentangle designs on their Cat Mummies. I drew my own to copy, but I'll try scan and upload it.

Fifth grade practiced portraits to create a face inspired by either King Tut's burial mask or the bust of Queen Nefertiti. I had a few students who were unable to complete the project because they missed days, so they designed a pre-made face found here. 

Very proud of these, the kids really stepped up and did some amazing work. :)

View the Power Points:
5th Grade Pharaoh Portraits

Be warned: I gave them copies to decorate because I didn't think it was necessary to have them draw their own jars, sarcophagus, etc. for this project, and those are difficult shapes to draw. However, this caused my students to treat their projects like a "coloring sheet" and many didn't take their work seriously. In the future, I'll take my chances on their drawing abilities so that they take more pride in their work. Anyone else ever notice this happen to their students?