Saturday, September 5, 2015

This Week in Art 2

Kindergarten practiced writing their names and creating crayon resist with rainbow names (and of course I got no pictures of that!)

1st grade used foam brushes to mix black and white to create gray stones for their stonehenge paintings (...and no pictures there either. Kindergarten and 1st are a handful. I'll work on getting some in-progress pictures from them.)

2nd grade cut prehistoric shapes from their beautiful painted papers (almost a shame to cut them up) to add to their cave backgrounds.

3rd grade used natural colors to paint their clay carvings.

4th grade added metal to their yarn collages and glued them to their stamped backgrounds.

5th grade added dots to their aboriginal dot paintings.

As we finish up our Prehistoric Art unit (so fast already?!) check back for in-depth lessons and processes of each project. :)