Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I recycled many African projects from last year with a few adjustments. 
Instead of making masks out of clay this year (no kiln), we used cardboard and found objects to create a relief sculpture and painted it all brown. Then we added feathers and raffia. I will never use beads on this ever again. No matter how much glue you add, they will always pop off and the kids are really disappointed when they don't work out the way we want. :( more pictures of the masks to come.

these are 5th grade's savanna collages. we studied the savanna biome and the plants and animals that live there. we used value to paint a sunset background (some students deviated, but they are still pretty) and used cut black paper to add animals.

A project from last year, 2nd grade's paper plate Samburu necklaces. Again, never using beads as a collage element again. The sequins, however, were delightful.

A few calabash bowls from 1st grade. I think that last year's students were more creative with their paint than the kids this year. Maybe because last year we didn't have beads or sequins to use? They still look nice though.
More pictures of the 4th grade masks and of 3rd grade's weavings to come as well.