Thursday, April 11, 2013

Eric Carle: Read Across America

March was Reading Across America month, so our art lessons were based on books, stories and Eric Carle. The students did a wonderful job with the different painting techniques and those who had to write stories were very creative! Since it's near then end of the year, I don't have time for a full lesson post on each of these, but I'll include the PowerPoints. If you want to know more, just message me!

5th grade created accordion books and wrote their own stories inside. The stories could be based on something they've learned (like the water cycle, etc.) or made up. I was very proud of how much some of them got into their stories.

4th grade used Eric Carle's painting techniques to create a collage of any animal they wanted. It was a bit too open-ended for some, but other students really succeeded on this project.

3rd grade used the "thumb" technique to create any animal/monster/alien with clay. They had to make sure the animal showed texture with fur, scales or feathers etc.

2nd grade looked at German triptychs and we read The Greedy Python. We discussed the beginning, middle and end of stories and they used this information to write and illustrate the story in their triptych. This was a choice-based lesson, as students could pick any material to make their drawings such as crayon resist, paints, markers, colored pencils, etc. 
1st grade read The Foolish Tortoise and talked about texture. Then we created a turtle collage using Eric Carle's painting techniques showing texture.