Monday, October 16, 2017

Tissue Paper Collage

2nd grade practiced patterns in this crayon resist tissue paper collage. We use oil pastels and watercolors to create a background and "vase paper". Then we assembled our vase and added super simple tissue paper flowers. Always fun to make. ^_^

Clay Flower Collage

This is a lesson I learned at the 2016 Art Scouts from the amazing Laura Lohman of Painted Paper. Follow the link for more details of how these were created, she says it best. 1st grade rocked these and we all fell in love with Crayola Model Magic. ^_^

Van Gogh Sunflower Weaving

4th grade looked at Van Gogh's Sunflowers series. We were inspired to use warm colors and weaving techniques to create these gorgeous artworks! Since this is a repeat lesson, all details can be found in this link

One thing I did do differently was create a giant vase to hang them all together. Now if I can just get rid of that bus mural...