Saturday, September 26, 2015

Kindergarten Apples

September 25th was Johnny Appleseed day. Since we were practicing cutting and gluing in kindergarten, I decided to change the lesson for my class that day to incorporate what they had been studying in class.
We drew an apple together. I gave them a red piece of paper, and white, black, and red crayons. We looked at a picture of an apple while we drew. We started with a big circle. Then we added a “smile” where the stem goes. After that, we looked at highlights and shadows, something I didn’t think kindergarten could understand, but Mrs. Creasy at Wish Upon a Paintbrush inspired me with her fantastickindergarten apples that you can find here.

After adding highlights and shadows, we used a red crayon to add lines that gave the apple some more depth. 

Then we cut a brown stem and a green leaf from paper scraps.
Once it was all cut, we glued our apples to green paper and decorated the backgrounds.

I loved how these came out and I hope the parents love having them to decorate for the season. ^_^