Friday, August 2, 2013

Campus school design

For campus school, I went with an apple theme. The colors were black, red, lime, and pops of yellow. I was worried about too much color, but they work together nicely. There were also a ton of boards to decorate, almost half the wall space in this huge room was board space. Here are the boards.
Outside the room, I had a board to decorate. Since I'm pulling in a lot of common core, this one was an easy fit.
In the reading area, I divided a board for elements and principles and a "I'm through, what can I do?" board for early finishers.
I also had a space for standards and made a neat thing. I used a string and paper arrow with slits so that I can move the arrow to the lesson focus.
I have one wall that is all windows. I made some Pom curtains with the theme colors to bring some interest there. They do not photograph as well as I want!
To help keep order, I made a helpers poster. Each week, a different table will help with passing out and clean up.
In the front of the room I made a "writing about art" board. Every project (hopefully)  will have a writing assignment. I can slip the question into the lime page protector.
I made a current projects board with clothespins. Each grade has a pin for their project. The black paper below is where I will post the "I can" statements and project standards.
So that's what's done so far! I will have a couple more boards to share next week. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013


In lieu of curtains and replacing the old rainbow ones, I made Pom curtains with my theme colors. It's a nice way to add color without blocking the great view.

Coming soon...

Mystery poof decorating idea. Hope this won't turn out horrible...