Sunday, April 23, 2017

Quick Art Projects with Little Supplies: Typography

So you may have noticed the lack of posts lately, here is the story. A day before spring break, I was told that my portable was being demolished and I had to get everything moved out. Great timing, except I was teaching camps all Spring Break and would have no time to do anything! So I packed up everything except the necessities to go into storage. For this last month of school we are in a temporary classroom and we are only using dry materials like markers, crayons, and colored pencils. 

It's been a struggle to keep them engaged without our usual paint and clay etc., but here is one of my favorite projects we've done; Typography. 

We created designs by tracing stencils with either markers or colored pencils. That's about all of the instruction required! Love how unique each design is and the kids are loving stencils. ^_^

Love this black and white typography design!

A scribbled take on the project! :)

Outlines were a great idea!

African Savanna Paintings

During our study of countries in Africa, 5th grade viewed the savanna habitat and the animals that live in it. We created collages of animals and plants on a piece of painted paper. We had a few days that were missed due to snow and other things, so some classes got to cut their animals from paper. For those classes that had to finish theirs extra fast, we used Art For Kids Hub to learn to draw a lion and a giraffe to add to our paintings. Very satisfied with both ways. ^_^

Love the border on this one! This was an extension for early finishers, but I will definitely include it when we do this project again. :)

This student chose to draw in Sharpie instead. Beautiful contrast!

Paint and oil pastels.