Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dot Day 2015

My second graders finished their Prehistoric Art projects early, so they created a painting for Dot Day while other classes finished up. We started by watching The Dot on YouTube because I think it is more effective than me reading to them. Plus there's no "MRS. MOORE I CAN'T SEE THE PICTURESSSSSSS" from anyone. 

Then we drew a large circle by tracing a coffee can lid (thanks to all my generous parents for your coffee can donations!).

After we had a dot, the kids could choose to color the inside or the outside, but not both. We used tempera paint and q-tips to make our dots. 

ALSO I want to share how awesome this find is. Dollar Tree has cupcake holders. They are red and have 9 cupcake spots. They also come with a top for if you actually want to transport cupcakes, but they are perfect paint holders if you use portion cups for paint. They're plastic so they will be really easy to clean up if they get too dirty. I bought one for each table and I love them. :)

The hall space was all taken by our Prehistoric Art show, so these never went on display. :( Next year, we'll make it a school-wide event. ^_^