Thursday, August 24, 2017

Dot Day Mural

Our first project this year was a collaborative mural using coffee filters and washable markers for Dot Day. We viewed The Dot on YouTube, which is a story by Peter H. Reynolds. 

Then we learned about analogous colors. Students colored a coffee filter using analogous washable markers. After we colored the coffee filters, we sprayed them with water. 

We watched this video about diffusion and discussed how our colors demonstrated diffusion. Not crazy about the stereotype at the end of the video, but it does a good job explaining diffusion and it's art-related, so you pick your battles, right? -_-

Students loved using the stage in our room to become the teacher as they reviewed each other on our vocabulary words: analogous and diffusion. 

Then all the dots were hung together as one huge artwork! This week we are using that mural as the first picture we upload to our Artsonia portfolios. So many amazing things happening in the art room this year, we are off to a great start! 

Check out the how-to video below if you want to try this on your own! ^_^