Saturday, August 29, 2015

Fundraising, Supplies, and Parent Volunteers

During our Back to School Night a couple of weeks ago, I hosted an activity in the art room for people to do while they waited to see their teacher. I also used this as an opportunity to meet the parents, make connections, and give them a chance to get involved.

While the kids created scales for our Artigator (how nice does he look in the hall?) parents had the chance to sign up for volunteering in the art room. I had a sign-up sheet with information about what they could do, like helping to set up an art show, chaperoning, guest speaking, or even just being an extra set of hands in the room. I had a lot of people sign up and I can't wait to start on projects with them!

I also had a list of free items, like newspapers and egg cartons, that they could donate as well as some items they could buy. I found this idea Teach Bake Love and modified it for art class. I wrote some basic (mostly cleaning supplies) on crayons and set them out. One week later our wonderful generous parents had stocked us with more wipes and sanitizer than I could think to use! I would really recommend that other art teachers try this out. :)

Idea from Teach Bake Love.