Monday, July 6, 2015

Frist Summer Art Camp: Carved Initial Stamps

The first day of Summer Art Camp (SAC) at the Frist Center is done! We made stab-bound sketchbooks, portfolios, origami, paper bowls (as seen at Camp STEM last month), and carved initial stamps. 

Sample initial designs for inspiration. Can you find Gustav Klimt's initial?

Many of our artworks are based on the Wiener Werkstatte Exhibit. On many WW artworks, you see a square initial design as an artist signature. 

First, the campers practiced many options in their sketchbook until they found a design they like. They had to remember to make the letters backwards. They had the option to be inspired by Art Nouveau text styles and designs.

We used linoleum tools to carve into our material. It is similar to an eraser, but very smooth. Before they could carve, they drew their design on a post-it note. Then they drew it on the linoleum and colored in the important parts with a sharpie. They were told to carve all of the white parts to ensure that they cut the right parts.

A great result! The initials "PLP" in a unique design with Art Nouveau designs.

I love the process here! You can see their design options sketched out, the carving, and the print for the initials "IMC". Great work!

We'll use these as the signatures on our artworks this week.