Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Art of Craft: Metalworks

I was very excited for this project. We started by making a collage of cardboard and pipe cleaners. I encouraged a geometric design, but they could make them however they wanted. While we waited for our glue to dry, they decorated colorful backgrounds with metallic markers and sequins. AFTER they did this I found some wonderful metallic mosaic pieces. :( Next week's kids will definitely use those; I think some of these went too colorful with those sequins.

I ordered copper tone sheets, not pure copper, for two reasons: first is the cost, WAY cheaper. Second is that it is only copper on one side, and silver on the other. So the kids had some options for their design. 

After the glue dried, we wrapped the collages in metal and burnished it down to hug the collage. They could also use metallic markers on their metal of they wanted to add different colors.