Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Art of Craft: Embroidery

Okay, this was my and the kids' favorite! Beautiful results, easy process, and for many it was something they had never done before! 

Before they started, I had a "bell-ringer" activity because you always have late comers. They were asked to draw a circle with 12 dots like a clock and find a unique way to connect them. This really helped them when we started our project and inspired some creative ideas. We also drew those 12 dots on our burlap to give us equal starting points.

We looked at the rotating squares technique and the radiating lines technique. Cassie Stephens has a spectacular video on how to instruct a lesson similar to this. I stole a lot of my script from her. ;) 
They were encouraged to try their own ways as well to see if they could find a new design other than the two I taught. 

We painted the wooden hoops the day before then used colored embroidery floss for our designs. Here are some of their wonderful works!