Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Camp STEM Paper Bowls: Paper Making

I had never taught a paper making lesson before. I learned how in college and in workshops, but it's always been a bit too daunting to take on with a class. But I was brave and went for it this time. It went really well! After we learned the techniques, we had an assembly line and I manned the blender. Everyone was engaged and it went smoothly!

We laid our round sheets on foam bowls to set their shape.

I had a variety of things that they could add to their paper pulp like leaves, herbs, and glitter.

Alden using a sponge to squish water our of his paper.

Those familiar to the paper making process will recognize what we're doing. To those who aren't familiar, this may not be the post for you. ;)

For our filter process, I made round filters with embroidery hoops. I stretched white felt in the hoops and used plastic gridded circles (anyone who does embroidery stuff know the proper names?) to move the pulp. I'll post more details and pics on how I made these another time. The whole set up was about $2 per hoop, which is way better than  buying a paper making set. 

Success rate? As long as they got enough paper scraps for their pulp and spent enough time removing water, it was no problem! This was a good life lesson for those who want to cut corners and rush. 

See more final products on the Recycled Art Show post and you can find the PowerPoint I used here.