Friday, September 16, 2011


finally got some things hung up! everything that is finished is displayed! just waiting on 4th and 5th grade to finish, but i'm super excited to show off 4th grade's (non-objective projects based on Sonia Delaunay). they look great so far, just hope the don't kill it with the paint next week! but anyway, tonight is our fall festival so i'm excited that the parents get to see what their kids are doing!
for the Sunflowers project, i made 2 big vases out of construction paper and placed the flowers above it with some other pictures of van Gogh's Sunflowers. the kids made 2 flowers each so i can have one for the display and one for their finished projects. however, a ton of kids did not follow directions about writing their names on the back of their flowers, so next week when i pass them out to put on the backgrounds we've made, they are going to learn a bit about "community art", because no one is going to get back the actual flower they made. oh well.
the 2nd grader's koi fish were all hung together. apparently, it's a fire hazard to hang things from the ceiling, so the mobile idea was a no-go. by the way, fun fact, did you know that you're only allowed to have 20% of your walls covered in posters etc? it's a fire law thing, who knew? so anyway, the fish are just hung on a board, not as exciting, but they're still nice.
the 3rd grade's Matisse works are hung on a couple of cork boards, i picked my 12 favorites to hang up. ( i was informed today by one boy that i had hung his upside-down. i totally should have know that, right?)
i hung the kindergarten and pre-k's cave paintings together. i strung them together with some hemp and ran them down the hall. again, couldn't hang them all (about 100+), so i went with 20.

every display has a description of the project with the history/elements/interdisciplinary stuff that goes into it.