Wednesday, September 28, 2011

pre-k is shaping up

last week, my pre-k class started learning about shapes. they mostly already knew what shapes were and could identify my 6: square, circle, triangle, rectangle, oval and free-form.  
the first week, we painted the shapes on paper and outlined them in a different color (this was an extension, the lesson was shorter than i anticipated!).
this week, we practiced making things (houses, cars, rockets, etc) from shapes. first, i demonstrated with my big shapes on the board. then i gave them some wooden blocks to work with. this made the rest of the lesson super easy! these kids already know how to build from blocks because...that's what kids do! so they just connected what they've been doing with shapes. after that, i gave them a black sheet of construction paper and some cut-out shapes. because they just built things with blocks, i didn't need to tell them how to make things using the paper. they caught on immediately! yay connections!
and here is a fun shape video.

warning: this song will stick in your head too.