Thursday, August 27, 2015

This Week in Art

Kindergarten got an intro to art by creating Art Books. We practiced lines, shapes, and basic pictures. They had fun and I got to see what they can do. 

1st grade began work on the backgrounds for their Stonehenge paintings. We practiced value by painting lights and darks to create a "moon in the night" effect. Next week we'll add our Stonehenge with foam brushes.

2nd grade used various painted paper techniques to create cave-inspired papers. Next week, we'll learn how to draw some basic cave art images and cut these into shapes to create a collage.

How awesome are these wire racks I found in surplus? Perfect for 3D drying.
3rd grade began work on their cave carvings. They were so excited to get to do clay in their second week of school!
4th grade created collages of Meath Spiral designs. Next week, we'll add metal sheets over these to create a relief sculpture. You can see some of those on the left side of the rack.

5th grade began the background of their Aboriginal Dot Paintings with black and white patterns. Next week we add dots!

I am very happy with these kids so far! Guild is a spectacular school! :)