Thursday, June 11, 2015

Camp STEM Eco-Collage

This project was inspired by (totally copied from) Art is What I Teach and it was perfect for our camp's needs. Thank you.

A simple process. We started by painting a background, either non-objective patterns or a scenery. 

Then we used magazines, newspapers, and cardboard to cut basic shapes for our collages. Before our art project, we visited the wetlands in town at the Discovery Center. We built on what we learned there in choosing our subject. We made collages of things that lived in the wetlands like bugs, snakes, alligators, or plants.

Breaking things into simple shapes was a week-long theme as we had students from k-6th grade in a single class.

Siann's beautiful work!

Nora's colorful dragonfly! ^_^

Great minds thinking alike at this table. ;)

You can see more completed works in the Recycled Art Show post!