Tuesday, July 10, 2012

trash to texture

still working at Taco Bell the summer before i start my first year of teaching does have its advantages. 
one advantage is not, however, the fun of explaining what i do. no one at work can understand what i do. "My last day is coming up, I got a permanent teaching job"....."So you'll just be here on the weekends then?".....NO...."But the summer, you'll be here in the summer?"....NO....."So I bet it's hard teaching math to all the kindergarteners right?"....."Well considering I'm an art teacher...NO." ....no one there understands what I do. I am a real teacher. An art teacher. I teach k-5 ART. All year. and no, I won't ever be back. Seriously, what teacher do you know also works at a fast food place in their spare time?!
That aside, I do love all the freebies I can get, one of those being used glove boxes.
I lined each box with a kind of texture; rough, soft, bumpy. Then I used spray adhesive to cover the boxes with black butcher paper and cut a small line where the original openings were. Now the students can reach in and feel what's inside. The boxes are for a matching game, matching visual & tactile textures...but more on that later. 

I have 3 out of 6 complete. They still need labels and decorating, but the basic structures are finished. 
Just a reminder that you can collect any and all things to make something cool.