Wednesday, July 11, 2012

recipe for construction

so  got all the things i need to start the big projects in my room. right now, i can't use the gorgeous chalkboard in the back of the room or the bulletin board next to it because i have these giant plastic storage shelves. 

which are fine shelves. however, i want to use those boards. so i am constructing a long low shelf to go under the boards. this will do 3 things: 
allow me to use my boards. yay. 
provide better looking storage.
make a new surface on which to put things. yay things. 
so i finally got all the wood needed to make my shelves, got them home, all ready to start....but i have no room to make this. so i have to wait until the weekend to build in my classroom. sad. 
cat-approved wood.

we also finally got the paint for the room, which was a challenge. i have to use oil based paint, not latex, for my room. challenge 1: find a store that has oil in my colors. answer: Lowes.
challenge 2: relay to the paint department that i must have oil based. 
challenge 3: ensure that, although i have told them many many times that the paint needs to be oil, that they make it correctly.
challenge 4:  return non-refundable paint because the derp at the paint department still sold me latex after repeatedly confirming that it was oil. (husband confirmed what i had thought. yes it is latex. go return)
challenge 5: convince customer service dept. to refund me before i buy more paint.
and with all challenges completed, i finally got my paint. yay me. 
and with AC in the art room fixed and supplies in hand, the makeover of the art room will begin on 7/14/12.