Thursday, July 12, 2012

substitute folder

Doing a semester of substitute teaching was one of the most helpful (and stressful) things I've ever done. so when i started working on my sub folder, i had the much needed perspective to be able to include what i believe to be everything a sub would need to get through my day easily. i will still leave "sub plans", rather than have my lessons and projects continued, for the mere fact that i do too much, based on what i have seen from other teachers and what I've heard as feedback on my own teaching, i simply do too much. too much to expect another individual to come in and do. because i am a control freak. but as long as my sub gets there about 15 minutes early to ready my sub binder and to look over the lessons, i think they should be fine. it's still in the works because i don't have all of the needed information yet (helpful teachers, computer codes, etc.) and i want to take pictures of my finished class to make a wonderful binder such as the one above.

for now though, i'll leave you with the While You Were Out form that i made. hopefully this will be helpful, or at least get you on a start to make your own. full sub binder PDFs to come!