Thursday, June 1, 2017

Thematic Unit Template

Just finished choosing all of the projects for this coming year. Our theme is: Famous Artists! We will also be getting a new art room which I intend to decorate as an art museum, check back for more details on that soon! For those who were curious, I am sharing a link to my Thematic Unit Template

Why Use Thematic Units?

I like to use units because it helps me organize my ideas and gives me direction when choosing artworks. It also makes it more comprehensible for the students throughout the year if all of our projects have something in common so that the projects have relevance. 

I've heard some art teachers argue against thematic units, saying that it can be limiting and restricting. I do run in to roadblocks from time to time, but when that happens I find that I come up with more unique ideas for my lessons rather than just pulling from what others have done. While I do use many lessons from other art teachers, I think it's also important to create something on my own as well to help add to the art education community. 

If you're interesting in using my template for your own planning, feel free to follow this link to the GoogleDocs form, download, and edit! When I drag and drop images I find online they automatically snap to the right size. If you have a current version of Microsoft word, it should do that for you as well.

Happy planning, have a great summer break, get ready for an amazing 2017-18 school year!

Click Image to go to Downloadable Version