Sunday, April 23, 2017

Quick Art Projects with Little Supplies: Typography

So you may have noticed the lack of posts lately, here is the story. A day before spring break, I was told that my portable was being demolished and I had to get everything moved out. Great timing, except I was teaching camps all Spring Break and would have no time to do anything! So I packed up everything except the necessities to go into storage. For this last month of school we are in a temporary classroom and we are only using dry materials like markers, crayons, and colored pencils. 

It's been a struggle to keep them engaged without our usual paint and clay etc., but here is one of my favorite projects we've done; Typography. 

We created designs by tracing stencils with either markers or colored pencils. That's about all of the instruction required! Love how unique each design is and the kids are loving stencils. ^_^

Love this black and white typography design!

A scribbled take on the project! :)

Outlines were a great idea!