Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Break STEM Camp

Image take from Camp STEM's Instagram.
This experience was different and so fun. The campers made two projects, clay fossils and felt algae. It was wonderful to have the scientific background and the elements of our surroundings to pull from for these lessons. Also, they're just a great group of kids that I'd love to work with again. :)

You can view an article written by MTSU on the STEM Camp experience here for more details on the other activities. 

Camper's Fossil

Fossil Station Set Up

Me helping a camper with her fossil. Image taken from Camp STEM's Instagram. 

You can view more details about the lessons, including lesson plans, in my previous post. 

Nora Peebles-Ross working on her algae. Image taken from MTSU's article.
Michael sewing his algae. Image from Camp STEM's Instagram.

And a bonus adorable picture. All-in-One Recycling did an activity with the kids and brought a tiny version of the truck that has our artwork on it from the collaborative project with Campus School's Girls in Science Club from last year. I love seeing these drive around town. ^_^


More Information on Camp STEM. Hopefully we'll be back for summer camp as well. :)

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