Friday, April 17, 2015

MES Flower Art

Lots of floral art for spring time at MES this week. 2nd grade was asked to draw the most realistic and detailed flower they could from observing fake flowers on their desk. We then made graphs showing what color choices we liked best from the drawings in the room. These kids did a great job with the math activity, and it was a fun way to get them to use math practically and look at everyone's art. 

1st grade discussed the parts of a plant and what their jobs are, then drew their own flower after working together to label the parts on a handout.

3rd grade was show Van Gogh's Sunflowers then asked to draw a real or imaginary flower in a vase. Love the contrast, I wish we could have used black paper for all of these. 

Kindergarten looked at Georgia O'Keefe's flower paintings and tried to draw the biggest flower possible.