Sunday, October 6, 2013

1st Art Projects: Names

first of all, for some reason, Rutherford county feels justified in blocking Blogger on our school computers, and the iPad app for Blogger is possibly the worst app I have ever used, so I haven't updated at all this year. Whenever I can get around a real computer and have time, you get updates!
So far, we have completed one project and are in the middle of a second. Our first projects were all based on our names. We created various artworks about letters so that I can learn their names easier (it has not worked in the least).

5th grade created zentangles using the first letter of their name.

4th grade used symmetry with their names to make a name design. At Campus School, we used our Chinese names for the design as an introduction to the Chinese art unit.

3rd grade got an introduction to one-point perspective with 3D names.

2nd grade created original alphabets to design their names. This was an especially frustrating lesson that I don't think I'll do again. :/

1st grade made crayon resist paintings based on Jasper Johns' letter paintings. These are beautiful and I will do them again. :)