Monday, November 5, 2012


Finally getting this post done! We made these about...a month ago? I am bad. In first grade, we are working our way through the elements and principles. Color is a big unit because there is so much to talk about (primary, secondary, complementary, warm & cool...)
For this project, we read The Dot  and talked about how colors are made. I introduced primary colors and how those are made from minerals, plants and, sometimes, bugs (kids loved that). This was right after our Klee's Castles collages, so I reminded them of how hard it was to cut out the circles for their suns. Then we practiced cutting 3 different circles and glued them together. Afterwards, they were all glued to a big white paper as a class display.
I love these! And if the 1st grade teachers don't want to keep them, I certainly will. :)

This lesson is available online, use what you want!