Thursday, June 21, 2012

door decor

i've never really thought about decorating my door before, but there is some pretty tough competition at my school. while wandering around, checking out things, i noticed that the teachers there really care about how their doors look....and now i feel pressured to decorate mine. however, i don't think i like the standard butcher paper happy colors (although many other teachers there use fabric and bulletin board borders, so smart), so i think i'll need to find something that is uniquely me, that also says "elementary art room". ideas?
chalkboard paint/cloth. easy change throughout the year. Creed.
definitely a fan of bunting. somehow i want that incorporated into the classroom, maybe changed with season? Little Things Bring Smiles.
perhaps a world map design, art all over the world? Ada's Interior Design.
and then the hipster in me is in love with wood grain, so maybe a painted wood grain design with your standard "Welcome to Art" things.
or a collage of old book pages. i could get pretty creative with that. Texturly