Tuesday, June 19, 2012

the color palette

choosing colors for your classroom is one of the most important steps in creating your class community. for me, i wanted an environment in which students could feel safe, but also energized and enthusiastic.i wanted professional and work oriented but with a sense of fun as well because it is, after all, an elementary art room. 

so my final decision was: gray & green. but not any green, not a forest green, lime. i think it has the right amount of energy, like yellow or orange, but with all the calm and structure of a cooler color like blue or purple. but having a solely lime room would be a tad overwhelming, so to bring it down, and to add some more professionalism to it, i'm balancing it with a gray. not a slate gray, but a lighter gray, because dark grays can become overwhelming very easily as well. 

also, i need a heavy presence of neutrals to balance the inevitable influx of rainbows. rainbows. rainbows. i love them. no matter how much i tell myself i shouldn't. the gray will help future Beth be not so upset with past Beth. pictures to come!