Friday, April 27, 2018

Lizards in the Jungle

These paper sculpture lizards were a favorite for 3rd grade. I feel like 3rd grade is getting all of the awesome projects this year? Good for them. ^_^

We looked at many of Henri Rousseau's jungle artworks and discussed what kind of animals live in the jungle. Then we viewed many images of different lizards. I created an outline for them printed on green construction paper to get them started. This saved us some time on drawing so that we could focus on the paper sculpture part of the project. If you want them to draw the lizards themselves, Art for Kids Hub has a fantastic lizard drawing video they could follow here. 

After we cut them out, we folded them down the center to make them pop up. We created a paper leaf, added some oil pastel details, and attached the lizard. 

Some kids asked if we were going to put googly eyes on them, so I made sure we had plenty to add. :D

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