Thursday, March 24, 2016

Marker Prints Forever!

During my time at the Frist Center, I helped with literally 1000s of printmaking activities. I do love printmaking, but with limited space, it's kind of challenging in the classroom, especially with rambunctious groups. 
Image from Cassie Stephens "Troubleshooting Printmaking"

Basically, you cut styrofoam into whatever shape you want and use a stylus or pencil to carve details. Same as regular printmaking so far. Then, instead of using ink or paint, you color on the styrofoam with washable markers.

After that, you get your paper wet. First, I tried spray bottles and it did not work at all. Then I tried rubbing the paper with a sponge and the results were great! I gave my kids brayers to roll over their styrofoam to get even pressure. They turn out beautiful, bright, and the kids can recreate this with stuff they have at home! Love marker prints, marker prints forever!
We did this with our Pop Art unit, so there is a lot of food. :P