Wednesday, May 13, 2015

STEM Practice: Collographs

Collograph plate

Collograph print
The theme at Camp STEM's summer session for art projects is Recycled Art. I have a ton of ideas, and now I have to start making sure they will work! At home, I have paints and a roller, but no ink. 

The flowers above went okay, but I think that with real printing ink it will be better.
Here's a video of process, cat included. I'm actually impressed that he stayed to the perimeter instead of laying directly in the paint. Good boy.

I liked the flower, but I thought the white background was a bit boring. Next I tried adding a background by using a monoprint technique on a plastic bag. I found a great tutorial on Alisa Burke's website.  It's a pretty easy process and I think the kids will enjoy it.

Cardboard collograph plate

Collograph on monoprint background