Sunday, March 8, 2015

Moving On

Last day MAQ selfies because how else would you say goodbye?

Official announcement time: this past Wednesday was my last day as an Art Quest Facilitator at Martin Art Quest in the Frist Center. 

These past 7 months have, with no contest, been the most fun that I have ever had working. It has been absolutely wonderful to be surrounded by artists of various capacities and specialties and my perspective on the art world has been widened. 

I've met the most incredible people that I hope to stay in touch with. And of course it's been awesome working with my bestie. ^_^
I will still occasionally be at the Frist Center to help out, so it's not a complete goodbye!


I am leaving for new things. I will be an interim art teacher until the end of the year at Millersville Elementary. The art teacher there has done a wonderful job of getting things prepared for her maternity leave. This is one of the most beautiful schools I've ever seen, and the hellacious commute it worth it when you see the mountain view. 

Can't wait to get started there and to resume regular posting, thanks for hanging with me throughout this mild hiatus.