Wednesday, July 17, 2013


This week is the Tennessee arts academy program in Nashville. I was lucky enough to have my PTO fund my tuition so I can come and learn lots of fresh new art things for this school year.

We are basically learning a new technique or process each day and then using them to fit our curriculum. 

The first thing we did was a zen tangle project. I have seen them a lot but I never found hem too appealing. Obviously, you can teach textures and patterns etc with this, and it is so fun and relaxing to do. I'm going to have a grade level use the first letter of their name to add patterns to. Hopefully, this will help me with names at the beginning of the year. 

Next we worked on still life options, like drawing, painting, and collaging. I used paint to create a still life with value and complementary colors. 

On Tuesday, we started with foil masks. It's a thick aluminum foil that you draw onto with a dull pencil or stick. I haven't added color to mine yet, but here it is. It's based on Egyptian pharaohs' looks for an Egyptian unit later. I enjoyed working with the fool as a material, but I don't think I would use it for masks. He looks so old and swollen. 

Next, we played with paper sculpting. I made a blue and yellow explosion. All others pictures are examples from Peggy Florres.

And another view of mine. 

The last thing we did in this workshop was a paper mola. I made a kitty!

Now on to clay workshops!