Friday, September 21, 2012

new pictures, virtual tour.

Changed up some areas, added borders, here are new pictures!
 current projects with "I can" statements & standards.
 2nd grade studies art from different cultures. current culture section has a world map, some information and some cultural artifacts. 
 for those who have trouble remembering the steps to projects: visual reminders! Dollar Tree cut outs, laminated, with magnets on the back for easy change-out.

 points system and teacher codes for papers.
 "I'm Through. What Can I Do?" finished center. folders are color coded per grade level with activities inside, CRQube, & books...more to come.
 My desk area.

 front of the room, art history timeline. (college students: I know this project is awful, but do it well because you'll use it later, I promise!)

 sink area, overflowing with supplies.
 Kiln area.
 Turn-in area and "Featured Artist"...more to come on that. Makeover happening this weekend!
 back of the room.
 aprons & supplies.
 project storage...file cabinet makeover in progress...
 front corner, my area.
view from my desk.