Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2nd Grade: Keith Haring

the kids started their Keith Haring pieces, but i didn't get to stay long enough to see them finished! but here is the project...
 first, we discussed some of Haring's works and talked about what his figures were doing (dancing, yelling, running, jumping). Then i asked them why we knew they were doing that and we eventually got to the action lines that Haring uses (first answers: "How do we know they are moving? "Because they're dancing! Because they are doing like this! *insert body movement*'")

after we talked about how the lines show movement and emotion, i showed them some of Haring's works that use complementary colors. we talked about what those were and everyone got it pretty quickly.
next, i gave each table a movable figure (remember that i made a ton of those?). the kids totally flipped their stuff over these. they had a lot of fun moving them and talking about what their people were doing and what they were thinking. 

after that, we practiced making some Haring figures in our sketchbooks. every table had a simple "how to draw Haring figures" handout that i made up.they are told to start with a stick man, then add circles to hands and feet, then add meat to the skeleton, and erase the lines. their biggest problem was making their figures thick enough. most of the kids were afraid of making them too fat, but i told them to compare them to the size of the movable models i gave them.