Sunday, October 23, 2011

Line Scapes

my kindergarten classes have been working on "Line Scapes", which are landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes made from our 8 kinds of lines: swirly, bumpy, zig-zag, wavey, loopy, horizontal, vertical and diagonal. so we learned the 8 lines and what to call them. the kids got to make the horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines with their bodies.we also talked about how to use them, "If i wanted to make a mountain, what line could i use?". i also showed them paintings of a landscape, seascape and cityscape and we learned the names of those. you get a lot of "mountainscapes" and "buildingscapes" at first, but eventually they get it.

so the first day, we learn the names and make them out of pipe cleaners *note to self. never underestimate the need for the phrase "careful, it may poke you in the eye"* did not think that was an issue with pipe cleaners until a girl stabbed herself in the eye on the first day. nothing serious. 

the kids really liked being able to play with something and get a real "feel" for the lines. also, "don't put that in your mouth" is something i had to say more than i would like.

on the second day, we draw all 3 Line Scapes together, on line at a time. they didn't color anything in, because the next week, we were going to use paint to make a resist over the crayons.
here are some finished works:
even if they didnt all stay in the lines, they got some nice resists and beautiful color use! i love these!